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Pet Exports

When it comes to moving countries with your pets, we understand firsthand the anxiety that accompanies the process of exporting your cherished companions.

That's why we provide comprehensive assistance every step of the way to ensure your pets safely navigate their journey across borders, whether it's to their new residence or as part of a family relocation. Entrusting us with your pet's exportation means entrusting their well-being entirely to professionals who handle all export requirements with meticulous care.

We highly recommend reaching out to an experienced export agent to handle flight bookings and coordinate your pet's visit to MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries). Typically, the export agency will arrange an appointment with Sommerville for the pre-export examination. However, you also have the option to book directly with us for this essential step.

During the pre-exportation examination, our veterinarians conduct a thorough health assessment to ensure your pet is fit for international travel. This includes checking for any visible external parasites, administering necessary parasite treatments, and issuing the requisite certificates for travel. Rest assured, our dedicated team provides these services in a serene and supportive environment, aimed at alleviating the stress often associated with preparing your pet for air travel.

We can assist with Dogs and Cats exports to Australia.

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