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15 Jack Conway Ave, Manukau 2104  |  (09) 277 8383

For urgent pet care needs outside of regular clinic hours, please contact the Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic at 09 277 8383. Our dedicated after hour facility, situated at 15 Jack Conway Ave, operates with a team of experienced nurses and veterinarians available throughout the night, weekends, and public holidays.

During our standard operating hours, we remain fully equipped to address any emergency situation promptly. To ensure swift assistance, we recommend contacting us at 09 537 0111 before your visit. This allows us to assess the urgency of the situation and prepare our staff accordingly. 

Transporting Injured Animals:

In the event of an injured pet due to a road accident, altercation, or sudden illness, prompt transportation to our clinic is crucial. While we do offer 'call outs', please note that this may result in treatment delays as our vehicles are not fully equipped like human ambulances. For swift transport, gently place your pet onto a sheet or blanket and carefully move them into a vehicle.

Please remember: Injured animals may act defensively, so approach them with caution to avoid potential bites.

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