X-RAY + Ultrasound

X-RAY + Ultrasound

X-rays are a very important part of everyday veterinary practice. X-rays provide vital information about what is happening inside your pet; whether it is a sore joint, a painful stomach or a persistent cough. We use Computed Radiography to give us the best diagnostic images possible. This means we can confidently identify abnormalities in bone, soft tissue and internal organs.


X-rays expose our staff to potentially dangerous radiation. Having good x-ray equipment and a radiation proof room is therefore essential. To limit the number of repeat x-rays we have to take we use high performing digital x-ray equipment which means we can produce excellent x-rays with accurate diagnostic images first time.

All our staff involved with x-ray procedures have their radiation levels individually monitored and checked every 3 months by the National Radiation Laboratory. This is why, when performing x-rays, we would need to sedate your pet to minimise the x-ray exposure to them and our staff.


Our vets are able to perform a range of ultrasound examinations. Ultrasound is a painless and very safe procedure for checking abdominal and organ health, pregnancy diagnosis and deep tissue examination of lumps and potential foreign bodies.


If you need emergency treatment for your pet after hours please call the Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic on 09 277 8383. This clinic is located at 15 Jack Conway Ave and is staffed by Nurses and Veterinarians all night, weekends and public holidays.