Vaccinations and Wellness

Vaccinations and Wellness


At the Sommerville Vet Centre we understand that “being healthy” involves much more than a yearly jab. The term Wellness is used in human and animal medicine to encompass a more holistic approach to keeping healthy and leading full lives.

We have developed Wellness Plans for every stage of your pet’s life that address the most important aspects of your cat or dogs health. These plans include disease protection (vaccinations), hereditary conditions in the young to aging illnesses of the elderly.

Click below for a copy of a Lifestage Wellness Plan for your pet:


Dog Control Act was amended in 2007. All new dogs are required to be micro-chipped as part of their registration. You are now legally required to have your dog micro-chipped and we highly recommend having your cat micro-chipped too. This is a simple and safe procedure that can be performed during a nurse or vet consult with your cat or dog. Alternatively we can do this when your pet is admitted for a procedure that requires anaesthesia such as routine desexing.

We strongly recommend a microchip as a means of unique permanent identification. Important information such any specific health issues the pet may have, such as epilepsy, diabetes or penicillin allergies can be recorded on the database.Your pets microchip number can be recorded on at least two data bases so that you are only ever a phone call away from your lost pet if found by a:

  • Vet
  • SPCA
  • Council Dog Control.



If you need emergency treatment for your pet after hours please call the Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic on 09 277 8383. This clinic is located at 15 Jack Conway Ave and is staffed by Nurses and Veterinarians all night, weekends and public holidays.