Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School

***PLEASE NOTE – Our classes here at the clinic are on hold at the moment until further notice, please phone reception for information on where to go for puppy classes, sorry for any inconvenience this has caused


Congratulations on the new addition to your family! We hope your puppy has settled in well and isn’t getting into too much trouble.

Puppy Preschool is a great way to start your puppy off on the right paw. The aim of the classes is to educate both the owner and puppy. The desired outcome is a social and well behaved puppy.

Why Should I Bring My Puppy To Puppy Preschool?
Between the ages of 6-18 weeks, puppies are most impressionable. It is during this time that they learn how to behave in certain situations, including how to act around other dogs. Classes offer an informal, fun environment for puppies to socialise with each other. This is an invaluable experience your puppy can only get from being around other dogs.

What Is Covered In The Classes?
The classes have a strong behaviour and training focus. Anything you want to start or stop your puppy from doing, we can help you along the way. As most puppies in the class are not fully vaccinated and cannot go outside, the theory is covered in class and owners are encouraged to put this into practice at home.

  • Owners are taught how to think like a puppy using the principles of positive reinforcement and the pack hierarchy model.
  • Classes provide an opportunity for the puppy to enjoy coming into the vet clinic from a young age.
  • Basic commands including sit, lie down, stay and heel.
  • Clicker training and crate training.
  • Gain education on the health aspects of pet care such as nutrition, dentistry, bathing, grooming, vaccinations, desexing and flea/worm control.

How Do I Enroll?
In order to enrol, your puppy must have had at least one vaccination against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus (DHP), Lepto and Kennel Cough (KC). If you are unsure, please contact the clinic for guidance.

Classes run on weeknights for 4 weeks and include a FREE puppy pack”. Booking your puppy into Puppy Preschool is easy! Simply phone the clinic on (09) 537 0111 to enquire about our current prices and enrol.

Classes are very popular and have limited spaces, so get in quick to ensure your spot. WE look forward to meeting you and your puppy.


If you need emergency treatment for your pet after hours please call the Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic on 09 277 8383. This clinic is located at 15 Jack Conway Ave and is staffed by Nurses and Veterinarians all night, weekends and public holidays.