We love to see our clients face to face and this will always be the best way to ensure you have exactly the right product and advice you need – but we also know that sometimes life gets in the way and coming to the clinic is just is not convenient or practical.

Our online shop has the following features and benefits:

  • It’s hosted by us (it’s really our shop!) – This means your transaction data safely stay’s with us just as it always has.
  • It’s just for you and we’re local. We realise that many pet owners who want or need to shop online would love to support their vet or other local businesses rather than a nationwide overseas owned website – now you can.
  • Great pricing and benefits – all our online and in-clinic pricing are the same and because we know you, and you’re local too, we can make sure you get all the benefits of frequent purchasing that you normally get in-clinic such as free bags, bonus giveaways, after sales advice, returns if you need – we can even tell you if your pet might need a vet visit!
  • Easy-to-use site and great delivery service – we’ve partnered with the best in online delivery, logistics and service to make sure your online experience with us is first class.
  • More products available – you will now have access to more products than we regularly stock in the clinic.
Online Shop


If you need emergency treatment for your pet after hours please call the Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic on 09 277 8383. This clinic is located at 15 Jack Conway Ave and is staffed by Nurses and Veterinarians all night, weekends and public holidays.